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Our Independent Book Stores

If only I could, once so simple,

I would walk through your door.

If only I could, I would reach for that book,

You so dearly let me look.

If only I could, your store's creative spirit and joy,

brings me smiles galore.

Someday soon, I will physically return

So, during your lull-

I ask for all concerned….

During this virus crisis, our Indies are closed and taking a major financial hit. You know them, those charming little book shoppes tucked away on a side street, a street corner or planted right in the middle of our main drag. Some have wonderful themes like my fav, The Storyteller's Cottage,, which sells books but is a theatre and mystery house in one. Nonetheless, I love you all and my list goes on and on from the holes in the wall to medium to Christian. You have always welcomed us Authors with open arms and I love you all for that.

Help them out, reach out, they might be offering very creative programs online virtually to stay afloat. Leave them messages of encouragement and be the first ones there when they re-open. Check out if they're offering Zoom Rooms and order books.

Indie owners, I have found are such special people. Love of books, community and so kind to Authors are the thread that weaves wonderful experiences into all our lives. Let's not let them down!

Visit Indi Bound or follow their link at the top right corner of my website to find a local bookstore near you!

Stay safe! Love and Smile. We will get through this together. Until next time-

My Best To You Always,

Mary K. Savarese

Author, Tigers Love Bubble Baths & Obsession Perfume (who knew!)

A cozy mystery romance with a spiritual twist

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