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Answer: We all do, in one form or another. Motivation reaches into the depths of our souls and makes us for the better and certainly more productive human beings. Speaking of which, I recently had the enormous pleasure and enjoyment of being interviewed on the Podcast: Interviewer Hamza Davis-


The website's opening quote: Exploring Depths of the Soul. And Hamza certainly does. You will find a multitude of motivating topics. I am the author of a mystery romance with a spiritual twist, Tigers Love Bubble Baths & Obsession Perfume (who knew!) Hamza interviewed me about Exploring How Hobbies Could Save Your Life. I hope you find this topic intriguing and helpful on how writing helped me through a difficult time in my life plus other twists and turns.

With insight, fun and laughter, Hamza interviewed me for a good while yet it seemed like only five minutes from my perspective. He weaved such thought-provoking questions, as I'm sure he does with each of his guests. I found Hamza to be a very gifted interviewer. As an author, I like to keep a personal side of me just that, personal. However, Hamza very artfully drew me out. I enjoyed every minute with Hamza & Intrinsic Motivation- A Homie's Perspective.

Check out his website. There is much offered and on every level.

Until next time, stay safe, motivated and happy.

My Best to You Always,

Mary K. Savarese

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