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I am very humbled & grateful for the following two reviews I have received and excited to share with you!

Tigers Love Bubble Baths & Obsession Perfume (Who Knew!)

Mary K. Savarese



$27.95 Hardcover; $17.95 Paper; $7.19 Kindle

Freshly-divorced Angie Pantera looks for new life in the town of Birdsong, Maine, working as the recreational director of a Catholic nursing home. But when elderly residents begin to die, suspicion falls on Angie, who may be delivering more than the Eucharist. Mary K. Savarese writes with warmth, wisdom and spiritual magic, revealing how the impossible can become possible in a community of fragile but faithful people.

Henry G. Brinton, author of City of Peace

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review:

If the title of this book doesn't attract interest right off the bat, its subject (a woman who forges a new life for herself as a nursing home recreation director, only to face charges of negligence and murder as residents begin to die under mysterious circumstances) will.

Tigers Love Bubble Baths & Obsession Perfume is billed as a cozy mystery, but under that headline lies a wealth of unique attributes of which the book's title is only the first indication that this is not your typical cozy mystery read.

For one thing, forty-eighty-year-old Angie Pantera, a self-proclaimed good-looker facing the ultimate betrayal by the love of her life, is reinventing her world under not just one cloud, but a new threat.

This leads her on a mission to clear her name, rebuild her life, and become an amateur sleuth in order to do so, bringing readers into the heart of a mystery that edges into questions of miracles as well as murder.

Readers thus receive a more multifaceted story than most cozy mysteries offer, with more twists and turns than the typical production.

From Church politics and involvements in the home they manage to the aftermath of divorce, the influence of serendipity and new obstacles to Angie's ultimate success, Mary K. Savarese writes with a warm, revealing hand. She deftly develops characters while painting a swirl of crisis situations that keeps readers not just involved, but emotionally connected to events. The ethical reflections are just as intriguing as the mystery itself: "Our residents asked for a final wish. God granted that wish. Why else would they die with smiles on their faces?”

Tigers Love Bubble Baths provides an engrossing saga of love, betrayal, murder, and underlying wishes and dreams about life's progression and end. These facets weave nicely into a story that will keep mystery readers engaged and thinking long after Angie's own dilemmas are resolved.

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