• Mary K. Savarese

When Stars Align ***

When stars align, and especially these two, MINDALIA TV and host, Mirna Perez with co-host Dan Blanchard, President of APSS*, something magical happens. MINDALIA TV reaches subscribers worldwide via a multi audiovisual platform offering programs promoting Spiritual, Mental and Physical Consciousness. I soar with gratitude.

"SO… HOW IS THIS INTERVIEW GOING TO HAPPEN?" I ask Dan who has graciously invited me to appear on MINDALIA TV.

"DO YOU HAVE ZOOM," Dan replies.

"WHAT TYPES OF QUESTIONS WILL YOU BE ASKING ME ABOUT Tigers Love Bubble Baths & Obsession Perfume (who knew!)" I wonder how my answers will fill a half-hour segment.


What comes into focus is how my expertise, A Hook as it is termed, evolves. My two passions, on writing and becoming a published author as well as serving as a Eucharistic Minister visiting Nursing Homes takes precedence.

The MINDALIA TV interview opens with Mirna Perez's gracious introduction followed by Dan's and then Dan takes over. Professionally and with such ease, he weaves a courtside display of leading one topic into another and before I realize and the jitters dissipate, it's over.

And I love the final product dubbed, 'Letting Our Greater Force Guide Us'. I hope you will too. A good title if I may say for our present world situation.

Dan Blanchard, my interviewer and friend, President of APSS*, is an international, bestselling, award-winning author, Speaker, Educator and TV Host. You can find Dan Blanchard at

MINDALIA TV and Host, Mirna Perez, lead a wonderful platform offering creative programming worldwide. Take a peek at their format in the near future, even subscribe. Keep smiling, keep loving, embrace the enlightenment. Together, we will move forward. Take care. Until next time, My Best to You Always, Mary K. Savarese

*Association of Publishers for Special Sales

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