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Have You Ever Experienced a Coincidence?

Coincidence, meaning, a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent casual connection. I'm sure you have. As a matter of fact we all have. You've heard the clichés, the sun, moon and stars aligned or you're always so lucky, things always work out for you!

Whether you believe in a higher power, are spiritual or not, our lives are all touched by moments that we sometimes cannot explain. Things that have occurred in a good way or sometimes in a bad way but then I'll call up that other cliché, when one door closes another opens, and things turn out even better.

Each of our experiences are different and for an author make for wonderful writing. Such is the theme of my mystery/romance with a spiritual twist. Tigers Love Bubble Baths & Obsession Perfume (who knew!) to be published April 24, 2019, by Koehler Books,

Angie Pantera, the protagonist, hits rock bottom. Her cheating husband blindsides her on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. She wishes for something better, to have what we all want, a happy life, and in her case Angie just wants to be happy again. A tiny white feather or coincidence prods her to begin anew in sleepy Birdsong, Maine. And so begins her journey fraught with anything and everything but happiness. Here lies the question. Was Angie brought there for a reason? Or do things happen for a reason?

Birdsong, Maine is steeped in its own unhappiness. Plagued by recession, a town losing its faith and faithful needs its own resurgence. As the town's peoples' hopes and desires begin to be weaved into one thread and then cloth longing for something better, is a Hand of Divine Intervention designing the cloak?

As they all become part of the cloak of mystery, do some experience a miracle or just hell?!

Until next time, may you all experience a little mystery yourselves intertwined with coincidence and joy,

Mary K. Savarese

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